Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gear Essentials: Duct Tape

If you ever find yourself trying to come up with a list of things that you might want to toss into that camping bag or bug out bag, make sure that you include adhesive tape. I really cannot stress how important these are, various types may be used for various applications but for today we'll talk about my all time favorite. And I mean all time as in from way back McGyver worship days - always bring a good amount of Ductape!
Aside from it's well known and time tested insulating properties, ductape can be used for so many things that they should really sell for more than what they do (but we all would not want that won't we?). Anyhow, aside from the obvious uses a ridiculously long list and applications are to be found on the internet from military use, space explorations, medical purposes and even fixing the dropped call issue on Apple's iPhone4 So, never forget that duct tape is always a must! So Far I've used it to help dress bad cuts, nocking points on my improvised paracord bow string, as a sheath for my jungle machete, I've twisted it into cordage, fashioned cups and eating utensils out of it, made a bamboo bow with it and a used it for makeshift sandals and shoes. The list is endless!