Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Arrow Precision 18 LB Synthetic Recurve

I've been shooting a good bit with my 40 lb. recurve for quite sometime now and I thought about bringing out an old kiddie recurve that I've used indoors just for fun shooting. Enter the 18lb takedown recurve bow from Arrow Precision Outdoors.  It's so lightweight that I pretty much look at it like a toy.
So I did a few shots and wanted to see if it can even take down small game like squirrels or maybe birds. There are no birds nor squirrels or even rats (lotsa stray feral cats tho) that venture near my 4th floor apartment so I just used plastic IceTea bottles and I'm pretty happy with the results from 10 yards. I will need to make special arrows for this bow though. I will put that as a part of my special projects list since I still have a good bunch of unfinished home-based projects just waiting in the wings from crossbow strings to non-electrical home lighting systems and emergency contingency planning Oh well... I'll publish the results of that arrow making project in the coming days

Gear Essentials: WD40 Lubricant

If you're not familiar with WD40, that's ok because a lot of folks neglect to keep their kit in top shape when they get caught up with the rigors of more pressing concerns when situated in long term survival situations or when they're having so much fun in the outdoors.
When I go camping or trekking I always make sure I have a good carbon steel based field knife, a small neck knife, either a camp axe or a strong heavy bladed machete and a good multi-tool to make quick work of camp jobs that will require a tad bit of precision & finesse.  Of course putting all your tools through a day's worth of labor will warrant some eventual maintenance somewhere down the line. So take a few seconds of your time to sit down and relax. While you're at it gather some of your metal based gear like knives and other sharps as well as your saws, multi-tools and camp axes and give em a quick helping of WD40. Not only will it help prevent steel from corroding and catching rust, it will also drive moisture out of hinges, pivot points and in between metal liners. Always keep a can of wd40 - you'll be glad you had it. On a side note, it also makes for a good accelerant when building fire in rough weather.