Friday, September 28, 2012

Knife Review: Gerber Instant (Yay! another Gerber goodie swag.)

After waiting in line for so long, I finally got my hands on this bastard. The same knife has been the subject of a product recall when it first came out putting the blame on a faulty locking mechanism that posed a laceration hazard with the serrated part of the blade. But it looks like the big brains over at Gerber's offices in Oregon have done well beyond putting a remedy to that very disheartening fault.

So on with the show. A few months back Gerber came out with the "Unstoppable" theme boasting a very impressive product lineup for 2012, one of the first knives to be featured on this ad campaign was the Gerber Instant. At that time the said campaign also put up an online video which grabbed me by the neck from the first two words, "Hello, Trouble...", I couldn't really help but pick up my jaw from the floor and feel nothing short of jealous bout them dudes that got the chance to preview this "tactically inspired" piece of steel first. Well, Gerber fanboydom aside, lets get down to the specs:

  • Deployment is done by the F.A.S.T. (Forward Action Spring Technology) Assisted Opening 2.0 mechanism
  • The blade is secured in the open position with a Thumb plunge lock safety function similar to that of the overbuilt unfuckwithability of the Gerber 06 S30V Auto.
  • Features Textured G-10 composite handles with stainless steel liners
  • Retention with a tipdown Pocket clip for convenient everyday carry
  • 3.33-Inch Stainless Steel (7Cr17Mov) modified drop point blade

    First impressions on the knife, well, sharpness is always questionable until you've used the knife for some routine tasks over time, so I'm not gonna delve on the subject of how the blade holds an edge. It came in quite sharp straight right out of the box, that's for sure. The ergonomics are definitely worth writing home about. The way the handles are constructed gives your hand more material to grab on and grip on to allowing better control and inspires a good bit of confidence expecially when you're putting that sharp blade to the task. There's some moderate jimping on the lower spine of the blade that extends to the upper part of the handle that keeps your knife in check while working on finer cutting chores. Big plus, as always for including a lanyard hole and some very slick work on the skeletonized design on the handles.

    The deployment was very easy as you simply need to exert relatively minimal pressure when nudging the dual thumb studs on the blade. I felt that the lock-up wasn't as solid as I had hoped as I have been using a Kershaw RJ II for a few weeks before this knife came in the mail. I got so used to hearing that loud, solid, imposing lock-up that the Kershaw RJ II gave off that I wanted to get that same lock up with the Gerber Instant, but after closer scrutiny, the blade on the Instant held up quite well even when I tried to shake the blade. No lateral nor forward blade play at all, Great job Gerber!

    I'm a big fan of tip up carry and I feel that the Gerber dudes aren't. So Instead of going a right pocket carry, I had to clip this knife on inside of my left pocket to make sure that that blade's spine went against my pocket's seams because Gerber missed out on putting a lock for a blade that can be deployed in an instant (pun intended). That with that moderate bitching taken into consideration, I'd still pay MSRP on this knife - which I did. So, don't just take my words for whatever crap they might be tantamount to - get one and start looking for dear old trouble... he loves company!


    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    Light My Fire Spork (Original Tritan Version Red)

    Any camper at one point in time will need to slow down, breathe deep, drink some water and fuel up with some good grub for long trek through an unexplored trail. Digging deep into those MRE (Meals Ready To Eat) packets or those p38 opened cans with your bare fingers will either cause a pretty messy acquaintance with the packet or a bloody slicing encounter as your skin gets serrated by the sharp can rim. We're far too civilized for eating with our bare hands nowadays (good or bad - both sides of the argument wins and frankly, I don't care)  This brings us to this entry about Lightmyfire's original spork.

    I'm not really too used to double ended eating utensils, but this one works. The brainchild (amongst a good few others) of Joachim Nordwall, the LMF Original Spork boasts an impressive 9 gram weight, made of very durable Tritan Copolyester (yeah, i'm big on polymers!) that's been known for it's strength, chemical resistance & flexibility and hey, non BPA (Bisphenol A) so it' means you can use it to feed the spawn of your loins. The actual measurements are at 170x38x17mm - do the conversion and use google. I got this for free when I bought a Wenger Swiss Army Knife for my next camping trek (wherever that may be - and has been godfosakeningly overdue) but this should be fairly available wherever good camping gear may be found!

    If you want to find out more details about LightMyFire products, then visit and buy something will yah!