Thursday, January 17, 2013

Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT

2013, I'd like to consider as more than just another year to add as this gearhoarder inches closer and closer to biological degeneration and chronological aging. Perhaps it would be best to regard this year as one of possibilities and potential. Another chance to break the barriers between the certainty of home and the perils of what lie beyond what is reached by one's physical occular vision. One more year to actually give new things a try - a proverbial longshot, a strong "stab-at-it" with a strong "no remorse, no repent" warcry...but as I said - Possibilities. What goes after that word is in your hands...and mine. So on with the show. This time I find myself with a good amount of tools and gear to try out, view and review, use and abuse.

From hunting gear to water filtration devices,  canned meat to miniscule pocket stoves that can cook out a campfeast. New knives and lots of them, fixed blades, folding knives, lock backs, to liner locks, Victorinox to Wenger, from Bear Grylls, to Mike Horn, to Les Stroud, to Cody Lundin, from Gerber to Spyderco, from Benchmade to Condor, New Bows, recurves, crossbows, slingshots, slingbows, self bows, bow cases. We've got some arrowheads from field points to carp points, from obsidian broadheads to modern bloodchannel 4 bladed ones, to PVC crossbow bolts - Gadgets, from CDs, DVDs, DVD Players, Radios shortwaves, satellite radios, hand crank radios, solar radios, pocket radios, 2 way radios, iPods, CD players, Mylar Blankets, tents, paracords, Bullwhips, lightsticks, trekking shoes, carabiners, rescue 8 descenders to climbing ropes, ground sheets, military hammocks, canteens, messkits, sporks and what not - there's so much to write about. I'll try to feature them in these pages as I go about the routinary goings on in my household and out in the field.

Today, I simply find myself reaching for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife as I tried to cut a old rusty metal curtain rod which i was going to use as a replacement handle for my broken broom. I have always held these knives close to my heart. They have been loyal comrades during my early days camping out as a poor young lad from Manila. I recall swapping my old pocket knife for a Victorinox camper when I was 12 years old. That old Victorinox even had the logo of the KRAFT company printed on it's front scale and it had the swiss crest printed in white instead of the embeded stainless steel crest that now proudly adorns each and every Victorinox camper coming out of the Swiss Army Knife factory in Ibach, Switzerland. I've purchased and lost and gave out several or even dozens of Swiss Army Knives through the years and it was only last year that I decided to add the crowning glory of my Swiss Army Knife collection - Introducing the Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT.

The ultimate in Swiss Army Knives, the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT is large and in charge with 80 essential functions packed into one tool. In addition to assorted knives, scissors, screwdrivers you expect from a Swiss Army knife, the SwissChamp XAVT also includes a digital clock, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. It's completed by a translucent red grip.

Everything you need from one Swiss Army knife.

The SwissChamp XAVT includes the following tools:
Large blade
Small blade
Can opener with
-small screwdriver 3 mm
Bottle opener with
-large screwdriver 6 mm
-wire stripper
Key ring
Multi-purpose hook (also parcel carrier)
Wood saw
Fishscaler with
-hook disgorger
-ruler (cm & inches)
Nail file with
-metal file
-nail cleaner
-metal saw
Fine screwdriver 2 mm
Pliers with
-wire cutters
-wire crimping tool
Phillips screwdriver
Magnifying Glass
Ball point pen
-also to set DIP-Switches
Sewing eye
 Wrench with
-5mm female Hex drive for D-SUB connectors
-4mm female Hex drive for the bits
-Bit Phillips 0 (Pozidrive)
-Bit Phillips 1 (Pozidrive)
-Bit Slotted 4 mm
-Bit Phillips 2
-Bit Hex 4 mm
-Bit Torx 8
-Bit Torx 10
-Bit Torx 15
Large blade
LED light, white
Multi-purpose hook with nailfile
Pruning blade
Electrician's blade with wire scraper
-wire scraper
Pharmaceutical spatula
Combination tool with cap lifter
-can opener
-wire stripper
Watch opener
Fine screwdriver 2 mm
Digital clock

Now, if all those tools are not enough to keep your hands busy, then we better proceed to the Wenger Giant Knife, but that's another story that I'll feature in the future